Echo Replacement Filters

Echo Replacement Water Filter

Why Filtered Water?

Living a healthy life includes drinking enough water. But simply drinking water isn’t enough. Have you ever stopped to think about what’s in the water you drink? If you’re trying to live a healthy life, odds are you have a water filter in your home. Whether it’s a part of your refrigerator, attached to your faucet, or a pitcher you keep in your fridge, these filters are only the first step to drinking the clean, quality water your body needs.

Typical filters are often good at removing one thing: chlorine. But that’s not the only contaminant you have floating around in your water. In most places, drinking water also contains fluoride, bacteria, chloramines, and algae. And that doesn’t even mention the soluble metals like mercury and arsenic. While it’s true that some filters help remove more than just the chlorine in your water, knowing exactly which contaminants and how much of those contaminants your filter removes is crucial to getting clean water — and that is something you don’t want to just guess at.

The Filter You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you want to be 100% certain that your filter is removing the greatest possible amount of contaminants from your water, then you need the Echo Replacement Filter.

These filters contain three different NSF/ANSI 41-certified filter mediums. As a result, these filters can remove a large variety of contaminants from your drinking water, including chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, and 90% or more of soluble metals.

Filtered Water for Healthier Living

The Echo Replacement Filters remove a high amount of contaminants from your drinking water, making it easier for you to stay healthy. By thoroughly filtering your water, these filters can reduce your exposure to various toxins that can contribute to a variety of health issues, such as infection, liver and kidney damage, cancer, and more.

It may be hard to believe that a filter can do all of that, but the Echo Replacement Filters have been tested and proven to provide you with truly safe and clean drinking water. Not only that, but these filters are used in some of our best Echo Water® Machines. So, if you’re ready to take your health to the next level and provide your body with the clean water it craves, it’s time to step up your filtration game with the Echo Replacement Filter.


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Product Features

The Echo Replacement Filter is designed to remove a wide variety of contaminants, giving you crisp, clean, and pure hydrogen-enriched water from your Echo Water® Machine.

State-of-the-Art Filtration

The Echo Replacement Filter is a powerful filter that remove toxins and chemicals from your water.








It also removes 90% of soluble metal, including:







Filter Test Results

Our Echo Water® Machines come with a pre-installed Echo Filter. Each filter has an RFID chip that is connected to the filter display on the machine. When your original filter needs to be replaced, you can replace it with the Echo Replacement Filter.

Effective Filtration Media

The Echo Replacement Filter is made up of three different and highly effective NSF/ANSI 41-certified filter mediums: KDF-55, Biocera tourmaline ceramic balls, and two layers of Kuraray-certified activated carbon from coconut husks. Each of these filter layers is separated by a fiber filter, giving you a total of nine different layers of filtration. With these different filter levels, the Echo Replacement Filter helps remove contaminants including pesticides, chlorine, bacteria, viruses, algae, and 90% of soluble metals.

Replacing the Filter

We recommend that you replace your Echo Replacement Filter every six months to ensure optimal efficiency.

Replacing the Echo Replacement Filter is quick and easy to do on your own. Simply remove the door on the back of your machine, remove the current filter by pressing down on the top and tilting the filter out. Then replace it with the new one.

You must use the official Echo filter when replacing any filter within your Echo Water® Machine. Using any other filter will void your warranty.

Whenever you replace your filter, we recommend that you also clean your machine with an Echo Cleaning Cartridge to ensure your machine’s quality and longevity.

Long Filter Life

Both the Echo Replacement Filter can last for up to 1,000 gallons or 4,000 liters. The lifetime of your filter is based on how much water runs through the filter, and it will depend on your water source and how much water you use on a regular basis.